Are you searching for a deeper and more intensive engagement in the areas of vocal technique and musicality? Are you open to new paths in the vocal arts, interpretation, and presentation beyond the immobile patterns found in the Classical Music industry? Do you desire an emotional vitality of interpretation, the highest possible individuality of expression, vocal sound and presentation?

Then this is the right place for you. I invite you to browse these internet pages and contact me with questions, suggestions, and wishes. Your Verena Rein.

I have introduced my comprehensive artistic concept in the film THE LIBERATION OF SOUND, highly praised by the professional press and singers alike and available on DVD since late 2010.

The renowned EDITION PETERS undertook international distribution. Now it is sold out there. The DVD can still be purchased through some online stores, i.e. amazon. Furthermore, the film is available for stream in the NAXOS VIDEO LIBRARY , as well as in two parts, for download or stream, through Onlinefilm.org and as a new service through amazon video direct: USA - GB - Japan

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