Masterclasses dealing with Lied-Interpretation are geared towards professional singers and voice student who want to take new paths beyond the so-called German Lied-singing ideals and desire an intensive engagement not only with the vocal-musical area, but also in the aspects of expression, gesture, and movement.

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Soprano Verena Rein can showcase a long experience as Lied singer. She continually searches for living forms of expression and a contemporary communication with the audience. Through the means of Belcanto technique, she endows Lieder with new warmth, color, and intensity. Her years spent on deepening and completing the expressive-gestural aspect lead to a fusion with her vocal-musical statement.

This knowledge and these experiences flow into her Lied-Interpretation classes, in which she also searches for the form of expression most unique to each singer – a demanding method which requires much concentration, that is vital, however, for the opening of new and honest ways of interpretation.

Verena Rein passes on her knowledge to interested professional singers and voice students. More information found under current Masterclasses (link) or directly through the artist:
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FILM EXCERPTS · LIEDER RECITAL (Examples of lied-interpretation)

Verena Rein and Lilit Zakaryan
May 2011 · Komitas Chamber Music Hall, Yerevan / Armenia

Verena Rein and Charlene Farrugia
October 2013 · St. James Cavalier Centre Malta