- New Directions in Classical Singing

The film presents a vocal technique originally based on the Italian bel canto method. Kammersänger Peter Gougaloff developed and refined this method over many years of research. The result of his work is an extremly physiological singing technique that can be explained through all registers. Verena Rein has further enhanced Gougaloff’s technique to include a unique and highly innovative method that helps vocalists to keep their vocal apparatus - and indeed the entire body - freely movable, elastic, pulsating and open at all times, as well as to develop an unmistakably individual singing voice. Many new approaches to classical vocal technique are illuminated, traditional and unquestioned taboos are counteracted.


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The vocal technique is introduced in clear segments (individually selectable on the DVD) through Verena Rein's work with voice students and -graduates; undogmatically and, despite the density of knowledge imparted, always with a sense of humor! The singers also have a chance to speak: they impart their experiences with the vocal technique through short interviews.

Two sequences show the performance training specifically conceptualized for singers by Verena Rein. The implementation of the vocal technique follows through the examples of Lied and aria. A feature on the soprano, in which the origin of the technique is also examined, brings the film to a close.

Recorded at Berlin University of the Arts (Joseph-Joachim-Saal) and Studio Siemensvilla of Deutschlandradio Kultur.

The film is a unique examination of a truly excellent vocal technique and its practical use.
THE LIBERATION OF SOUND is an invitation to all vocalists, musicians and lovers of singing who have retained their openess and curiosity.

Die Befreiung des Klangs · Part 1 (at - only in German)

Die Befreiung des Klangs · Part 2 (at - only in German)