Through the film THE LIBERATION OF SOUND (released late 2010), Verena Rein has managed to bring the vocal technique she represents to a broader public. Over 40 years of extensive vocal research by KS Peter Gougaloff and the further developments of his insights by Verena Rein have opened new worlds for classical singing. The film’s great success speaks for itself.

This special technique leads to:

  • effortlessness
  • beauty of sound
  • evenness of registers
  • individual timbre
  • richness of colors
  • longevity of the singing voice
  • dynamic strength of nuance
  • naturalness of articulation, and much more

Both the resulting sound and the longevity of a voice thus trained, as well as the effortlessness with which a singer can perform, are so convincing and pleasant for the singers and their audience that it is high time to further spread and impart this knowledge.

Soprano Verena Rein takes on this task with great enthusiasm and intense dedication - not only in her own performances, but also for professional singers and voice students for whom a real vocal technique has become more and more important. This technique doesn’t rely on products of coincidence or traditionalized, unquestioned instructions which can lead to vocal problems, but is explainable and demonstrable through all registers. It enables great dynamic nuancing, an unusual range of color, and a natural articulation, as well as an individuality of sound with extraordinary effortlessness. Verena Rein passes on her knowledge in master classes for interested professional singers and voice students.