ÜBEN & MUSIZIEREN | (Schott Music International)| Dec/Jan 2011/12

by Kathrin Feldmann

"When I am on stage, I simply want to make music, not fight against the material." Which singer doesn't have this wish, articulated by soprano and vocal coach Verena Rein? Unfortunately, only a few are able to fulfill this wish at some point in time - and if they are, it is often preceded by an odyssee through various different vocal schools, all seemingly contradictory. (...)
The important role this technique plays both audibly and visually is recognizable for the spectator and especially the listener: the sound freely floats through the space, while the singer's expression shows authentic naturalness and ease.(...)
As a singer, I am still surprised at what palpable relief the use of this tongue technique, also demonstrated through helpful sketches, provides! (Translation · Sara Thögersen)

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International Opera Magazine OPERNWELT | March 2011 (click!)

Relaxed Lectures

Silver-tongued: Verena Rein's Feature "The Liberation of Sound" on DVD
by Ekkehard Pluta

„ (...) This documentation is not merely a guidebook in film form for vocal insiders, but a lively feature about the adventure of singing, which can be constantly understood by interested amateurs. This is a credit to the presentational form, and above all, to teacher and moderator Verena Rein, who possesses not only professional competence, but an impressive communicative talent. She speaks eloquently, without falling into lecture-mode, adopts a relaxed dialogue with her students, and casually includes the viewer in her teaching process.“ (Translation · Sara Thögersen)

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klassik.com | February 2011 (click!)

Searching for the Liberated Sound

by Dr. Stefan Drees

" (...) an especially positive aspect of the film is its precision: viewers and listeners witness teaching situations first-hand. In these, matters in question are addressed in a dialogue between the teacher and respective student, discussed in detail, vividly elucidated, and examined through practical example, while constantly trying to reveal the corresponding physical sensations. Especially singers stand to gain quite a bit from watching and relating to this, as it is also realized very well from the production-technical standpoint. (...)" (Translation · Sara Thögersen)